College Golf Teams Invest, What You Need To Do

College golf programs have taken huge steps with improving the exposure and quality of competition in college golf. 20 years ago college golf teams were lucky to have a university golf course that they had access to close to campus. Now athletic departments are investing millions of dollars to build world class practice facilities.

At Ohio State we have a newly built indoor practice facility, which cost nearly $7 million dollars. This facility combined with the #1 rated university golf course makes for a lot of high expectations for the golf program.

What this means for you?
With growing expectations such as the pressure coaches feel at schools like Ohio State, college golf coaches are doing a lot more homework on the junior golf recruits they sign to play at their program. I firmly believe recruiting is the most important aspect of having a successful college golf program.
Shooting low scores is one of the core requirements to getting recruited to play college golf, but more time is now spent getting to know what a recruit is like on the inside. Too many times, players arrive on campus with the talent to shoot low scores, but lack the ability to balance both academics and athletics. The character of a junior golfer is more important than any score they shoot on the golf course.

What you need to do

  1. Keep your grades up
  2. Take care of the small details on and off the golf course.
  3. Make sure you are polite and represent yourself in positive way to everyone you meet. You never know who coaches know and will ask about you during the recruiting process.
  4. Do your research on the best college golf program that fits your needs.
  5. Play good golf!

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