How are you contacting coaches

Are you doing your part to get noticed by College Golf Coaches?
With all the new junior golf organizations and dozens of tournaments going on weekly across the state of Texas, it is nearly impossible for college golf coaches to evaluate every player in person. Sure, if you are the next Jordan Spieth, college coaches will put you a top the list of players they must see. If not, the high school golfer has to do the majority of the leg work to get noticed and recruited to play college golf.

The first thing you have to do is develop a quality marketing package, that includes

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Recruiting Video
Do not take this lightly. Take your time and put together a video, letter and resume that will appeal to college golf coaches and stand out from the rest. It is important to have someone with college golf recruiting experience help you develop this package to ensure you are including everything the coach will want to see in a potential student-athlete. Most coaches, especially golf coaches at programs outside of the “Power 5” conferences, use recruiting videos as their main tool when deciding to pursue a golf recruit or not. The majority of junior golfers will receive a scholarship to play golf outside of NCAA D1. With that being said, YOU need to do your work to get recruited since those other schools have very small recruiting budgets.

When a college golf coach shows up to a junior golf tournament, rarely will they identify a completely new prospect. Coaches do their homework and chose junior golf tournaments wisely. They have a list of players they are their to see, rarely will a junior golfer catch their eye that they didn’t already know about. Do your homework and make sure you are on the college golf coaches list to see at your next junior golf tournament!

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