College Golf Recruiting Made Simple

The "Golf Recruiting Coach" offers junior golf families step-by-step coaching with mentorship from NCAA golf coach


Educate junior golfers and their families of how to navigate the recruiting process. Former NCAA Golf Coach combined with my playing experiences on the PGA Tour, I focus on helping golfers achieve their goals through performance strategies and golf training programs.

The advice we received, recruiting video, letter, resume, tournament scheduling and access to coaches contact information was very helpful. Overall the program was great. You have guided us very well and we now feel like we have a plan and are executing that plan. The recruiting guide and practice schedules were extremely helpful!
Jordan N.
College Golfer


Junior golfers and their families to play college golf through a step-by-step recruiting program to identify best option(s). Golf training programs available if requested.


I’m always learning and improving my coaching programs . By partnering with University of Houston Coach Jonathan Dismuke, I am able to stay up-to-date on the current recruiting “best practices”.


Experiences can not be bought or read in a text book. Through playing golf at the college and PGA Tour (major championship level), along with NCAA coaching experience, I am able to share my knowledge with families in the ever changing college golf recruiting process.


Parents can set up a free 15-min phone consultation at anytime. If you’re not sure where to start, thats okay, I will help you find the best plan of action.

DIY College Recruiting Course

This is NOT a recruiting service. This is a step-by-step course hosted online for families to learn the process of how to get recruited for college golf. It is strategic, yet simple. I developed this curriculum with the help of other NCAA coaches to ensure the information is 100% accurate. Private, personal guidance is available upon request.


We got offered a full ride! Thank you for all your coaching on her game and mentorship in the recruiting process. We couldn’t had done it without you!

- Caylee S.

My Story

I have a strong passion for golf, academics and opportunities it can offer for young adults. For me, college golf led to many opportunities I would not of had otherwise. After finishing golf golf eligibility at the University of Oklahoma, where I earned a Masters Degree of Education, Sport Psychology for Peak Performance. After a brief stint on the mini tours and as a golf instructor, I went on to coach college golf at Ohio State University and Rice University.

Growing up in the small town of Yuma, Arizona I feel fortunate to give back to golf by mentoring junior golfers and their families if their dream is to play college golf. This led to the creating a step-by-step curriculum designed to give insight and facts on “how” to get recruited and play college golf.  This program allows junior golfers the opportunity to showcase their talent and gain valuable information to find the best fit college golf program at an affordable price.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

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