College Golf Recruiting Service NCSA

Recruiting services like NCSA claim to recruit for colleges, according to the email below. In my experience as a college golf coach and speaking to friends that coach on the collegiate level in other sports, I do not recommend them or any online service. They do have access to coaches contact information, and will host your recruiting video on their website but there is no real benefit to that. They do NOT “recruit for colleges across the country”. They get high school families to believe they have leverage with college coaches, reality is, college coaches send their emails to spam. They spam email college coaches with “please click here to view our thousands of athletes interested in your school”. Coaches want to hear from athletes themselves, not parents or a recruiting service.

I have developed a step-by-step recruiting program. The program is designed to give athletes the process for getting recruited and identify all their options. I have experience working in collegiate athletic administration at the university of Oklahoma and i have made my niche in golf since that is my background as a player and college coach. The recruiting process is the same for all sports, although each sport has their little nuances.

If you would like more information I can send you a questionnaire to help assess where you are at in the recruiting process. From their I can show you options if you would like my help throughout the process.

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