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College Golf Committing Early

Over the past few years in college golf, junior golfers have been committing to schools extremely early in the recruiting process. Last year, there were two golfers that committed to the University of Connecticut and University of Texas when they were only in the 8th grade!

I am one of the coaches that does not follow the trend and feel it is necessary to commit children when they are 14 years old. There is so much development that occurs between the ages of 13-18 years of age.

How is the possible with all the NCAA recruiting rules?
Any prospective student-athlete is allowed to contact college coaches and ask for information about their golf program and university. It is not permissible for a college coach to email you or call you back until September 1st of your junior year in high school. You can ask the college coach to visit the campus, and they are allowed to give you a tour.

Committing early is only a verbal commitment between the player and coach. This is not a binding agreement! Student Athletes cannot sign a National Letter of Intent to play college golf until NCAA signing day in the fall of their senior year. This is when it becomes an official contract!

College golf recruiting is about building relationships. The faster you contact coaches and develop those relationships with them, the better your chances are of getting recruited to play at your favorite institution.

Remember, if you are thinking about committing early to a school, THINGS CHANGE! It is wise to explore all of your options and find the best fit for you both academically and athletically.

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